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We wanted to thank you and let you know how delighted we are with the work you undertook recently at our home in Indooroopilly. 
From meeting Marten who supplied the prompt quote, to the end of the project we found all our dealings with Eaton Screens were courteous, efficient, on time, and the workmanship carried out in a thoroughly professional manner.
Raff, Marten and Andrew, you did a wonderful, careful and neat job of screening a very difficult area and you were a pleasure to have around the house. The bonus was that you tidied up so well at the end of each day!
Thanks again.... we would use your company again without hesitation and recommend you to our friends.

John and Wendy Indooroopilly



Standard Flyscreens are the first line of protection for you and your family. They are an ideal solution to keep away all those nasty insects.  There is nothing more annoying than irritating flies and nasty blood sucking mosquitoes!

Eaton Screening Solutions manufacturer and stock a comprehensive range of Fly Screens.  We have a range of fly screens to suit all applications and budgets.

The simplest of flyscreens are still made with great care and expertise.  We can include a range of mesh types from basic fibreglass to pet mesh and even bushfire rated screens.

Do you have a Midge Fly problem?

Biting midges are responsible for acute discomfort, irritation and severe local reactions.  Itching may commence immediately after the bite, but ofte1en not for some hours later, and most individuals are unaware of being bitten at the time. Biting midges have their greatest impact on people arriving to an area or tourists.  Local residents seem to build up some immunity to the biting.  In some sensitive people, midges can produce persistent reactions that blister and weep serum from the site of each bite and these reactions may last for several days to weeks.  Biting midges are not known to transmit any disease-causing pathogens to humans in Australia.

Not commonly known, midges will land on a flyscreen mesh first and if the flyscreen grid is large enough, will walk right through.  Occasionally spraying the outside face of your flyscreens with a deterrent like a repellant can stop midges from landing on your screens to begin with.

If this doesn’t solve your midge fly problem, ask us to replace your current flyscreen mesh with a finer mesh suitable to deter the most stubborn midge fly.


The flyscreen frames of your choice can be easily powdercoated to the colour of your choice:


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